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Nick Nelson abril 1, 2024

A family’s story spreading over some 40 years begins in the 1980’s, with a gay teen’s struggle not so much with his sexuality, but with the social obstacles, discrimination and general disapproval. Although homophobia is still omnipresent in 1980’s France, the newly elected socialist Prime Minister Francois Mitterrand brings with him progressive and inclusive policies, even if marriage equality would still be a long way’s off.

The protagonist defies societal norms, and his own disapproving father, and leaves home on his 18th birthday to live with a more mature man he had recently met while cruising. Will the rift between father and son be healed? – This 3 part story jumps ahead in time, showing how each generation becomes more progressive and less homophobic. The conclusion is not only hopeful, but a beautiful signal that things are getting better. Perhaps one day soon, it won’t even be an issue, and love will be the only measure for happiness, no matter what .